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Welcome to The Red Zone

Various Stables an Equestrian Centers across the HARPG communities have been invited to our Island. Who will make it out alive?

We shall see,
~ Apparition


:bulletblack: How To Join :bulletblack: The Riders :bulletblack: Assignments :bulletblack:

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Year 2! Sign-Ups OPEN!Hello, darlings.
Who is ready for year two of LNH~HARPG :la:
Under new management, this year will be a bit different from last years run. As the previous founder gave me nothing to work with for Y2 I had to do the brainstorming alone, and it took a bit longer than expected (and I apologize for that).
This year we are hoping for a more stress-less and fun-oriented run. People will not be kicked out of the run for late or incomplete images, and we encourage collabs, digital/traditional art, and photomanipulations!
So, this is the basic gyst of Y2..
Pangaea Isles is a cluster of Islands located closely to one another. On the largest, main island is where my stables (White Blood Stables) is located. The move is recent, however, and there is still a large portion of the island still unexplored. This area is called The Red Zone. One of our staff members (Cain Calvert) set out to explore The Red Zone on his Disturbed Nightmare. However, he didnt make it very far. Upon entering, an invisible f
Read here to join!

I will be uploading all information about the group through Journals, so it would be a good idea to Watch the groups Journals.


-What is an Assignment? An Assignment is a main image that is required to be drawn for receiving a good amount of points towards your score. They are worth more points because we expect to see more effort put into them- we do not accept WIPS or sketches. Certain Assignments will not allow collaborating with another artist, however, you will not be marked down or up for collaborating with another artist when it is permitted. We usually encourage collaboration, but there are some Assignments that need to be done by just you :aww: These can vary in point worth from Assignment to assignment, but are usually no less than 10 points. :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: They must be Full Body :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:  

-What if I dont get an Assignment done by the deadline? You will not be removed from the group. You simply wont gain the points from the Assignment you were supposed to complete. You may always complete Sub Assignments to raise your scores.

-Can I turn in "late" Assignments? Late entries will receive half their origional points value, so you still get credited for your work. However, late entries must be completed no later than 2 weeks after the original due date to get points for them.

-What are sub assignments? These are smaller assignments that vary in worth from 5-10 points depending on the difficulty. There is a usual multiple count of sub assignments per assignment. They are presented as an opportunity to boost your scores by completing extra artwork. They may be full effort-based or even sketchy, but always must be colored, and we do not accept WIPs. Their deadlines will be the same as their main Assignments deadlines, and late images will not be credited points.
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: They must be atleast 1/2 body :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:  

-What if I want to draw something else than what is posted? Go ahead and note me for permission. I say this, because you may want to wait until the next assignment because what you want to draw could be the Assignments or Sub Assignments! However, if I wasnt planning on doing your idea for the next Sub/Assignments, then I may add it as a Sub Assignment :aww:

-Do I get extra points for adding a story? We do encourage you to describe what is going on in your illustrations, however, extra points will not be awarded for short stories. We dont want it to be a hastle for people who dont enjoy writing :aww:

-What are points? We are not talking :points: here ^^; This is the scoring system for the group. Pictures are worth a certain amount of points to the group, and these points will stack on top of each other. At the end of Year 2, the people with the most points will be rewarded with prizes :D

-How do I keep track of my points? You need to create a Journal for the group with thumbs to every image you draw. Next to the image write +# , as in +amount of points it is worth. I will check in on peoples journals after each Assignment to make sure they are keeping track of their points correctly. Points will also be double checked at the end of the run, when the event is over. Some sort of organization would really be appreciated, such as labeling what are Assignment pictures and what are Sub Assignment pictures, etc.

-How do I title my Images? We are hoping you will make your own stories off of our storyline, and we want this to be fun for everyone! It is your art so you may title your art however you want to! No matter how you title the art, though, please include somewhere in the artist comments what the image is for. We will not accept images into the group that do not have this in their artist comments. Do this by including this small form in the artist comments:
:iconlost-n-haunted-harpg: (do this by typing :icon Lost-N-Haunted-Harpg: without the space)
Assignment # / or / Sub Assignment # (just change the number)
Link To Characters: link
Link To Points Journal: link


**If you Advertise through an extra image, you will get +15 points!
**If you Advertise through a journal, you will get +10 points!
**If you Advertise through a poll, you will get +5 points!
You CAN do all three!

:star::star::star:Assignment #1:star::star::star:

Deadline: May 1st
Folder For Submission: lost-n-haunted-harpg.deviantar…
Late Work Due By: May 15th

-This is an image of your characters arriving on our island. This is a full body portrait of your Rider, Mount, and (if applicable), your companion. The setting is our beach shoreline. This image will be the image you link back to in the form above (under Link To Characters) Please Halter your mount. +10 points
Collabs? No

:star:Sub Assignment #1

-You can show your characters leaving your stable. Did the other staff members try to get them to stay? Did they root them on? +5 points
Collabs? No

:star:Sub Assignment #2

-To get to our island, we use a teleportation portal provided by our Disturbed Nightmare mare, WBS The Beautiful Killer . Just imagine what it must look like traveling through the teleportation portal! Show us your characters inside the portal. Is it Colorful? Scary? Was it a longer/shorter Journey than you expected? Did it show you visions of your past/future? People all see the portal in different ways. +5 points
Collabs? No

:star:Sub Assignment #3

-Show your characters meeting Cain (He is 25 years old and is 6'0") and Grievous (He is not a foal anymore, he is 4 years old and measures 17hh). Its importat that Cain gets to know you and your mount, aswell as Grievous gets to know you and your mount. Note that all mounts (including Grievous) must be haltered for safety purposes. +10 points
Collabs? No

:star:Sub Assignment #4

-Show your mounts getting settled in their stalls. We have appropriate housing for regular, unnatural, and demonic creatures. How is your mount reacting to the new setting/surroundings? If your mount is an escape artist, feel free to tie them in their stall. The doors to all of our stables slide and lock, and are closed after use, so if someone does escape, they are trapped inside the stable safely until they are discovered the next day and placed back in their stall. +5 points
-Mounts that are completely realistic are housed in the Guest stalls of WBnS
-Mounts that are unatural (have unrealistic colors but are otherwise completely natural) are housed in the Guest stalls of WBnS aswell, as our WBuS (Stable where we keep our unatural horses) doesnt have a Guest Stable.
-Mounts that are demonic (no matter their coloring, they have any of the following: wings, horns, elongated mouths, sharp teeth, special powers and any other unatural attributes other than color)
-Shedu Cats will be kept in the Shedu Stables, that have boxes that look acordingly, and are side by side and across from eachother as in a regular horse stable: The set up of the stables is similar to this: and since we have no Shedu Cats yet, all of the boxes are open for use (we have 10)
Collabs? Yes
More Journal Entries


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We would love to afiliate with you guys.
We're open to single OCs, herd characters as well as classic stables and we offer a lot of ongoing events and challenges.

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